Cyber Security

Businesses have never been at greater risk from cyber threats.

We provide a multi-layered approach, expert advice and industry-leading tools needed to fully safeguard and protect your business

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Security Accreditations

We help businesses to prepare and qualify for Cyber Essentials, and other governance standards. Cyber Essentials is the government’s recommended basic technical controls for all businesses. These accreditations improve cyber security strategy and demonstrate a commitment to the protection of client data.


We have carefully selected industry-leading anti-virus products to suit a range of businesses. Our leading protection secures every endpoint of your network, providing maximum security for your business and safeguarding against evolving cyber threats and viruses.

Email Security

90% of cyberattacks on businesses are initiated via email. An effective email security solution protects against all internal and external email threats and safeguards your business through anti-virus/ anti-spam, impersonation protection and detailed attachment scanning.

DDoS Mitigation

Distributed denial-of-service attacks can debilitate businesses through temporary or indefinite distribution of internal services. Our mitigation solution, delivered in partnership with Cloud Flare can protect you from expensive downtime by blocking attacks before they reach you.

Penetration Testing

Our expert team can carry out internal and external vulnerability testing against key infrastructure and applications to identify security vulnerabilities that can be exploited. We provide detailed report of our findings, identifying areas of exposure and presenting recommendations to tighten security

Next-Generation Firewalls

A next generation firewall is a network security device that gives you visibility, control and protection of the traffic flowing through your network, even if its encrypted. This provides security capabilities such as in-line deep inspection and intrusion prevention systems

Multi Factor Authentication

MFA is an authentication method which provides any type of business account with a second layer of security. A unique code is sent to another one of your devices, ensuring only authorised personnel can access the corporate system. We have extensive experience in the implementation of MFA across all sectors.

Patch Management

Our Patch Management solution ensures the latest software is installed on your devices, this is vital as older versions can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Patch management solutions update everything on your device automatically, preventing attacks and exploitation.